Beekeeping: A Very Practical Hobby

Beekeeping: A Very Practical Hobby

It’s too bad bees have such a bad rap when it comes to keeping them at home.  Not only do bees pollinate all of your flowers, vegetables and trees, but also provide so many useful products, just from their one sweet nectar.

In addition to honey, which can be used raw as a food additive and also as an ingredient in body care products, bees provide wax that can also be used for many products.  Beeswax makes excellent candles, salve and lip balm, to name just a few of its uses.

Beekeepers will tell you that bees are really not that hard to handle, and some will say that their time with the bees is one of the most enjoyable highlights of the day, their meditative time.  Bees respond well to a calm demeanor and will act in kind. 

Bees can make your vegetable plants and fruit trees produce more, while your flowers will have bigger, healthier blooms.  Bees can improve the health of just about every living plant, and for that reason alone are an asset to any small farm or homestead.

Compared to other creatures you can raise, bees are very low maintenance.  They will take care of themselves if given the proper conditions, working hard all summer long to provide delicious, vitamin-filled honey.

Honey and other bee products also have a high demand and can be sold for a tidy profit.  When you look at all of the benefits beekeeping can provide, it’s a wonder not more people are doing it.