Grocery Bag Crafts

Grocery Bag Crafts

Despite the fact that we have reusable bags, we still end up with some disposable grocery bags from time to time.  They can be taken to our grocery stores for recycling, but they are also great for some fun and unique craft ideas.  From creating  a reusable bag to making cute little grocery bag critters, you can use grocery bags for a wide variety of hobby applications.

If you knit or crochet, you can create a unique yarn by cutting strips of about one inch wide width-wise in the grocery bag.  Lay it out flat with the handles pointing away from you, and then make cuts horizontally across the entire bag.  Loop them together to make a continuous string, and then roll it into a ball for later use.

You will need large gauge needles or crochet hooks, but then you can make all manner of things.  A rug made from grocery bags is surprisingly cushy underneath your feet, and if you add rags or bulky yarn when you make it, it will even be absorbent. 

For the more adventurous crafters among us, you can create funky little critters like the one in the photo.  They make unique and fun gifts or can be sold at online craft stores like and in person at craft shows.  Kids can have a lot of fun playing with toys like that, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking or being too costly to play with.

Grocery bags can have a lot of interesting uses, so if you have time to spare and an excess of bags, try crafting with them and see what fun things you can create.