Learn Useful Skills Under the Guise of a Hobby

Learn Useful Skills Under the Guise of a Hobby

Most hobbies are not only fun past times, but also at one point or another were useful skills that helped people survive or make a living.  As the back to the land movement gains popularity, more people are wanting to learn skills that will help them live more self-sufficiently, or barter for things they need.  An all cash economy is becoming a thing of the past, so knowing skills that others don’t can help you get things without having to spend cash.

Hobbies that are becoming useful skills again include gardening, of course, but also blacksmithing, farming and woodworking, just to name a few.  If you have an interest in these or other skills, you might find it profitable to learn how to do them, not to mention fun.

Learning leatherworking and being able to make pouches, moccasins or other leather items can be a fun pastime, and provide you with practical things you can use yourself or sell and barter with.

Fletching arrows used to be a fun but unprofitable hobby, but as people begin to enjoy the sport of bow hunting again, perhaps there is a niche market for you to sell your finished arrows.

Almost any hobby can be a useful skill in some scenario, and also a way to generate a side income or profitable home business, so if you have been putting off learning a hobby you would enjoy, you can justify it by turning it into a useful skill you can benefit from in the future.