Project Idea: Woodburned Desk

Project Idea: Woodburned Desk

I have this old desk my mom bought years ago.  It isn’t anything special – I think it is veneer wood and the finish has been worn down considerably over the years.  For some reason, though, I am fiercely sentimental about this silly old desk, and it is the one I write on every day.  It has a nice flat top that really needs some attention because the finish is almost gone, which got me thinking about possible solutions.

I think it would be a really fun project to take a desk like this, sand down the top, and decorate the entire surface with wood burning art.  It could be one large design that covers the entire surface, or a series of small designs, sort of like a graffiti for your desk. 

Once the artwork is complete, it would need a thick coating of varnish to keep from getting dirt stuck in the designs.  Perhaps the whole surface could first be painted a contrasting color to really help the designs pop.  A glossy coat of varnish would really complete the look.  For a really ambitious project, the designs could extend down the sides and on the other shelves.

So if you have an old desk that needs some refinishing, this might be the perfect project to give you a unique desk.  If I get time to do this, I would like to fill the desk with sentimental drawings – perhaps even a wood burned image of my mother taken from a photograph.

What do you think?  Is this a project you would enjoy taking on?

As an aside, the photo in the blog is eerily similar to my desk, although it came from Flickr.  What are the odds of two people having the same twenty plus year old desk, even down to the wear marks on the top?