Saw Blade Art

Saw Blade Art

There is some kind of mysterious, elusive appeal in seeing fantastical images on a tool that is meant for destruction.  For that reason, saw blade art continues to be very popular in the United States, and has a very devoted following.  If you have a knack for painting, and even if you don’t, you can create beautiful, unique pieces of art on used up saw blades.

We went to a craft show a couple of years ago, and I remember being amazed at the beauty of the saw blade art being sold by a vendor.  I couldn’t believe how low his prices were, so I walked over to inspect.  As it turns out, they were not painted on as I originally thought, but printed with a high quality printer.  The pictures looked fantastic, and I’m sure they were very inexpensive to produce.

Printed saw blades will command a much lower price than a hand painted, original work of art, but they are quick and easy to produce and can display a virtually unlimited variety of images.

Hand painted saw blades can sell for hundreds of dollars, and are a fun medium to use when you tire of using a traditional canvas.  Something about saw blades really draws people’s attention, so they make a great product to sell at craft shows.

No matter if you choose hand painting or printing, saw blade art can be a fun and lucrative hobby or side business.  You can sell in local galleries, online or at craft shows.