Stamp Collecting – Will Stamps One Day Be Obsolete?

Stamp Collecting – Will Stamps One Day Be Obsolete?

Being the only government agency that is responsible for its own funding, the Post Office is in a lot of distress these days.  Rate increases are getting more frequent, and it seems there is constant talk of cutting services, employees and days to help stay afloat.  With that in mind, what will happen to stamps and stamp collections if the Post Office goes belly up?

Even if they continue operating as usual, at some point in this increasingly digital world, the need for stamps will decline to the point that they are no longer used.  That would mean some significant changes in the way stamp collections are valued, or so it seems to me.

When there are no longer new stamps to collect, anyone interested in starting a stamp collection will find themselves competing for a decreasing number of stamps.  For those whose true purpose is collecting, that will make things very difficult.  For someone looking to profit from the hobby of stamp collecting, the profit margins are going to get very wide as more people try to get a finite number of collectible stamps.

Does that mean you should go out right now and buy up anything you can?  No, probably not.  Any changes to the way mail works are probably quite a ways off.  I know I still use stamps and I am not the only one, although like most people, my stamp usage has dropped off dramatically since the advent of email.

What do you think?  Will stamps become obsolete?  How will that affect stamp collecting?