What if Your Hobby Costs Too Much?

What if Your Hobby Costs Too Much?

The other day, my friend announced abruptly that she was selling the bulk of her hobby, which is animals, after her husband expressed his – great – displeasure at how much they were costing.  This got me thinking about how easily we can dump money into our hobby, without realizing how it must impact our family, with whom we share the financial burden.

I have certainly been guilty of spending too much on my hobbies, and am very fortunate to have an understanding husband, but I can see how this overspending can lead to major issues in a relationship.

It can be hard to hold back when you have a passion for something.  My current hobby is raising goats.  Luckily, they don’t cost that much and have good demand so I can sell the offspring, but we are still in the hole for the startup costs, and I can imagine things going very differently if my husband wasn’t so easygoing about things.

So when do you decide that you are spending too much on a hobby?  And once you do, what do you do about it?  When you have so much time, money and passion invested into something, can you just throw in the towel when the stakes are too high?

As for my friend, she and her husband reached a compromise.  She is selling a large number of animals to try to recoup some of the costs, but is keeping her favorites for showing and breeding still.  I am happy they worked it out, and hope the rest of us can compromise when needed.