The Wonderful World of Pallets

The Wonderful World of Pallets

If you are looking for a new hobby to pursue, you probably haven’t give much thought to the humble shipping pallet.  Those small constructs of wooden slats are very useful, until the contents they carry are delivered.  After that, they become junk on the side of the road, but that junk can become the stuff of treasures for the right person.

Pallets can be cut, taken apart piece by piece, or used whole in a wide variety of applications.  From the home to the farm, you can make use of pallets for décor, furniture and even fences.

Sourcing Pallets
Distributors of everything from soda bottles to farm equipment use pallets to store and transport their freight.  Some places will reuse their pallets, but others, like our local Big R farm supply store, will leave pallets out on the side of the road for people to pick up for free.  Ask around at local businesses to find pallets you can use.

Pallets in the Home
In the home, pallets can be remade into bookshelves, tables and even wall art.  Cut them down to size and fit them to other pallet pieces to make all kinds of home décor and furniture.

Pallets at the Farm
We used two pallets to create a shelter for our chickens to go in for laying eggs.  It keeps the goats out, but the chickens can climb right through the slats.  This year, we plan to build a shelter for the goats out of pallets, metal fence posts and siding.  You can even create an entire fence from pallets.

Pallets are such a great, untapped resource that can be used for almost anything you can imagine.  What will you make with them?