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Everyone Loves Soap

When I am choosing a new hobby to pursue, it always has to have some element of practicality.  I love working with my hands and creating new things, but if there is no practical use for them, I will feel as though I have wasted my time.  One hobby that is always going to have practical use is the art of soap making.

Not much makes a better gift than handmade soap.  I give it every Christmas and have yet to find someone who wasn’t thrilled with the gift.  Everyone gets clean, so everyone needs soap.  Since most people also appreciate handmade more than store bought, handmade soap is a sure winner.

There are soap making kits for beginners that allow you to make soap without having to invest a lot in equipment or supplies.  You can make glycerin soaps, goat milk soaps, and many other types of soap.

There is always a good market for soaps at craft shows, farmer’s markets and online, too.  Many people make a successful living selling soaps they have made.  It is an excellent cottage business because soap is consumable, which means as long as you have a good product, you are almost guaranteed to have a lot of repeat business.

If you think making soap might be the hobby for you, start by doing some Internet research and looking at the different options for how to make it, which ingredients to use, and where to get supplies.  Once you feel comfortable with a particular method, begin investing in the supplies and ingredients.  You can buy different types of soaps from soap makers to find the type you like best before you begin.

As far as practical hobbies go, soap making is one of the best.  Modern techniques have made it a safe and fun hobby as well.