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Model Railroading: What If You Have No Space?

Some tips to get around this knotty problem


Stuck in a tiny apartment with not even so much as a decent-size living room much less a spare bedroom for a modest-sized model railroad?  No sweat!  I know of two ways you can enjoy the hobby even then.

The first is by photographing models. 

For this blog, I bought two freight cars, one O –scale, one HO-scale, along with pieces of track in each scale to set the cars up on to create pictures like the ones you see in the articles posted here by me about model railroading.  In fact, there is a famous model railroader who did just this when he lived in an apartment: John Allen.   The man who ultimately built the famed Gorre and Daphetid  (pronounced “Gory and Defeated”) model railroad documented in Lin Westcott’s book Model Railroading with John Allen.*

Allen did not do the Spartan-style of photography I do, however: he built dioramas to take pictures of his model trains on during his apartment tenure.  They were so good one model railroader who saw the photos assumed Allen had a massive model railroad.  The truth impressed him to no end!  So model railroad dioramas are another thing you could do while living in an apartment waiting for the day you’ve got lots of space for your own personal pike. 

Joining a model railroad club along with at-home model photography would be another good way of coping with a space crunch: club layouts are huge with plenty of trackage; your trains would just add “the more, the merrier” to the scene.

If model train clubs aren’t your thing, another way to enjoy trains with lots of space while living in tight quarters is via a simulator.   Train Simulator 2012 would be a good bet in that you’re not driving a model but a replica of the real McCoy!**

So there you go, model rails, some ideas for how to enjoy the hobby even though there is no space for a train layout.